How to design the a home office that works

April 09, 2020


These are funny times. With many of us having to suddenly find space in our homes to work productively.  

We wanted to share some of our top tips for carving out somewhere in your home that can be used as your office. Many of us don't have the luxury of a spare room waiting to be converted to we're looking at how you can adapt spaces already in use for other things.

Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the kids asking for snacks 500 times a day but hopefully this will still be helpful. :)

FIND Your spot


Think creatively about where your desk could go. You really only need a couple of metres of space but it needs to be somewhere that you can realistically work undisturbed when you need to.

So if you're going to be working from home during the day with small children at home, the living room probably isn't the best place!

A spare bedroom, if you have one, can sometimes be a great place to carve out a little nook or failing that, your bedroom. Even in a hallway, you'll sometimes be able to find space.

make it pretty


Creating a space isn't just about plonking a desk somewhere. Really take a moment to decorate it and think about how you could make it somewhere you actually want to sit. If you're lucky to have space under a window then this will make a nice view for you, but put some plants around you, a couple of nice desk accessories.

If you're more likely having to put your desk up against a wall, use some removable wallpaper (tempaper have a good selection) to create a bit of fun or some inexpensive art.

what desk?


There are several options for your desk. For our studio, we got trestle legs from Ikea and spray painted them gold to up the glam factor! Worked gorgeously with plain white tops on them. also have desks at really reasonable prices.

If you want to splash out a little more, CA Design ( have some gorgeous designs and some are quite affordable.

Or if you're really short on space, just install a sturdy floating shelf. Your chair tucks under when not in use and it will hardly intrude at all.

thinking long term


If you're thinking of trying to make something that will work for you long term and not intrude too much on your actual living space, think about converting a cupboard into a hidden desk area.

You really don't need much space at all for this. Just look at this image, the cupboard is tiny but there's still room for everything you need. And when it's not in use, the door can just be closed on it.

We've designed plenty of these in our projects, they're a great way of creating separation between work and home and hiding all those office files and papers!

Image credits: Image 1 - Apartment Therapy. Image 2 - Little Big Bell on Instagram. Image 3 - Head Somewhere Blog. Image 4 - House & Garden UK.

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