our Top Tips for creating a GaLLery WaLL

January 20, 2020



We love a good gallery wall.

It's a great way of making impact with art in your home without having to splash out on a big statement piece.

However, the road to gallery wall perfection is fraught with difficulties! And there are many ways to skin the wall, so to speak. :)

We're using this blog post to talk you through the ways we recommend styling a gallery wall as well as dispensing some practical advice on how you put it together so it looks 'put together'!

Just like this gorgeous image from the always perfectly styled Anthropologie.

our top tips for styling your wall

  • Mix it up - we always tell our clients to throw something unexpected into the mix, whatever you're doing.  
  • Like this fab example from Chatelaine.com. Plants, trays, plates - all mixed in with the art to great effect. It creates a lovely, eclectic feel.
  • If you're doing a wall of family photos, add a couple of pieces of art in there. The element of surprise always takes design a step further.

Do Plan It ouT

  • Whilst the perfect gallery wall might appear to be casually thrown together, it's very unlikely it was created this way.
  • Spending some time putting your arrangement together away from the wall will result in it being something you can be proud of.
  • The quickest way to do it is to plot your area of wall on the floor and then arrange your art within it. Then replicate this on the wall.
  • However if you're someone who wants a little more precision than this, you can actually create paper cutouts of your artwork as a next step and use masking tape to put these on the walls to check you're getting the in exactly the right spot.
  • We think a little bit of imperfection is good so we wouldn't go this route personally but for those of you that would like to, click here for a 'How To'.

Think about colour

  • If you're going for an eclectic feel, a great way to pull it together is colour. If you have a piece you love already, maybe use the predominant colour in this. Or if you're starting from scratch, pick one you like.  
  • Then just make sure it's represented in about 50% of your gallery wall in different ways. This brings disparate pieces together so they all make sense together.
  • Like this lovely image from The Spruce.

Pay aTTenTion To Your FramES

  • Frames are almost as important as the art itself. They can make or break it. But for gallery walls, they're even more important as you have to make sure they make sense together as well as with your art.
  • Think about the art that you're putting together. In this example on the right, the art has a traditional feel as do the pieces of furniture around it. So it makes sense that the frames are wooden and gilt to fit in with this aesthetic.
  • In the same way, if you're going for a wall of modern, monochromatic art, you'll need frames that fit with this. Either black and white or frames that add pops of colour.
  • Basically, don't make your frames an afterthought!


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