How To create impact in your home

March 26, 2019


Everyone wants a home that makes their friends go wow! We wanted to share some of the tips and tricks we like to use so you can make sure this happens in YOUR home.  


This applies in particular to central pendants, mirrors and artwork. However, it also works well with rugs, cushions and plants. So most things really!

This rule is about drama and the unexpected. If you're looking at a chandelier to finish off your room, go one or two sizes bigger than you would think. Or if you're getting a mirror for over your mantlepiece, get one that covers the entire section of wall. With art, a huge piece of statement art is one of the easiest ways to create an impact. With lots of artists doing prints at very reasonable prices, this doesn't have to cost too much. does some gorgeous ones.

Note: This rule does not apply to larger items of furniture like sofas, chairs and tables. These definitely can be too big for a room and they won't work if they are.


We're always banging on about this. It creates interest. It's what makes people look twice at something. You can introduce this into your home in so many different ways.

You can do it with colour - use highly contrasting paint colours in the same space. Your lower kitchen units are navy for instance and your top units are white. Or your walls are white but all your woodwork is a dark colour.

You can do it with styles. A lovely old wooden table with some really modern chairs around it. A vintage floor lamp sitting up against a wall with some modern art on it.  

If you keep contrast at the front of your mind when you're creating your home, you can be sure to avoid that very vanilla look where everything matches.


When you're designing your home, think about the little ways you can add something different to it. Little touches that make people look twice.  

When we were designing this new build in Kildare. We added double height skirtings which we painted a two contrasting colours. We then added a strip of neon yellow running throughout the downstairs. Skirtings are an often forgotten part of a house. Use every opportunity you can to add that extra something.

Another often overlooked opportunity to add some fun is with light switches, sockets and door handles. There are so many interesting ones around at the moment, think about doing something a different. Here are some great places to find cool ones:

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