HoW To - Using arches in interior design

January 13, 2020



This trend was big in 2019 and we're seeing no signs of it abating which we, for one, are delighted about !

There's something inherently classical about arches, with their harking back to the days of ancient Rome (one or two arches in the Colosseum in case you hadn't noticed). So putting them into a modern interior creates that wonderful juxtaposition of old and new that we all love so much.

We wanted to write a post celebrating the wonderful arch and showing you all the different ways you can incorporate arches into your interiors.

iN your cabinetry


Seen here in these beautiful cabinets by 2lg Studio.  

Whether you're using something freestanding like here or you're having something built in, adding an arch at the top rather than a straight line instantly elevates the design.

We particularly love it when kitchen cabinets are arched at the top. It's that touch of the unexpected which always delights us.

So when you're talking to your joiner about those wardrobes you're getting made or your kitchen units, think about getting an arch put on the top. It will add to your budget but it shouldn't break it and it will be money well spent!

in your furniture & acessories


Luckily, with the abundance of arches being used in everything from taps to chairs to mirrors, this is the easiest way to get a little bit of the magic of arches into your home. Have a scroll through the images to the left to see some of the lovely ways arches are being used.

This chair by Boho Inc is a particular gem that uses the arch to full effect with the contrasting straight lines. Whilst these taps are a subtle way of getting it into your kitchen if you can't splash out on the arched cabinets. A mirror with an arch shape is a gorgeous addition to this room. We particularly love it when a modern twist is added to this classical shape with the pink frame.

using paint


The most cost effective way of shoehorning an arch into your home but by, no means, the least effective. This is one of our favourite ways of creating this shape. Seen here in this beautiful image from Design Sponge.

We've also seen it painted above doors (with the door painted out the same colour) as a way of tricking the eye into thinking the doorway is arched. It's surprisingly effective!

The added bonus of this method means you're also adding in a colour pop at the same time which, obviously, we are fans of.  

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