Welcome to DUST, a Dublin based design studio specialising in Interior Architecture & Interior Design founded in 2015.

We design interiors that excite and delight for both the residential and commercial markets. We use our passion for colour, texture and pattern to create striking, innovative design solutions.  

We bring creative thinking and personality to each project with a collaborative and accessible process resulting in unique client-focused results.

With a growing team of designers and a trusted network of tradespeople, we can handle every stage of the design process from concept development through to on-site management and completion, with complete professionalism.  

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After six successful years working for a marketing agency in London, Sarah decided to follow her dream and embark on a career change.

She went back to study interior design at London’s KLC School of Design. After completing her course, she went on to work as a designer for leading interior design consultancy, Four-by-Two in their London office. During her three years there, Sarah worked on new concept developments and UK-wide roll-outs for high street fashion retailers as well as designing retail spaces for other smaller independent stores.

Sarah designs unique, considered environments that fully embrace our client’s needs. She has an unwavering eye for detail that ensures every job is completed with thorough professionalism.

LiSa MaRCoNi

Lisa worked for over a decade in her home town of London as a producer and director of programmes for broadcasters such as National Geographic. After moving to Dublin, she decided to turn her passion for renovating beautiful period homes into a career.

She retrained in Interior Design at the Dublin Institute of Design before setting up Dust with Sarah.

Lisa loves sourcing beautiful, unique pieces for projects and for the shop. She has an eye for the dramatic and the unexpected and really loves to embrace colour and pattern in her work.

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