Beware The Moon, 3D Foils, Jam Jars

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Beware The Moon is a cool little father and daughter British brand we found on our travels. We absolutely love their combination of modern, unusual designs coupled with time-honoured, traditional craftsmanship .  We have their She wallpaper up in our shop and everyone who comes into the shop loves it. 

Their catchphrase is:

hypnotic wallpaper. made in england
...taking over the world one downstairs loo at a time...

Sums up why we love them really! 

The 3D Foils range is born of an obsession with perfecting the Hall of Mirrors, Jam Jars and Quantum Foam were inspired by quantum physics, craft paper and nights out in Blackpool

They are an entirely new way to clothe a space, reflecting the colours and shapes of the lights and objects around them (including the faces looking in) and providing endless satisfaction and marvel when stroked

As wallpaper goes, these are fairly sexy… big parties in small spaces

Roll Size: 53.4cm x 10m

Repeat: 61cm vertical repeat & straight match

Price quoted is per roll.