NLXL LAB, Tattoo Wallpaper by Cookie Bros.


NLXL is the small, Netherland, based brand known for creating high quality wallpapers with ground breaking designs. Their wallpapers have no repeats, each roll is just a continuous flow of design meaning the uniform look achieved with more traditional wallpapers is replaced with something much more unique.

We know we're not meant to have favourites but we have a little bit of soft spot for this wallpaper.  It's just so very cool!  And we love the design story behind it.

Cookie Bros are the Dutch duo behind this wallpaper.  As tattoo enthusiasts themselves, they set out to not only make an aesthetically pleasing tattoo wallpaper, it also had to be the real deal.  

To make it as authentic as possible the Cookie Bros collaborated with old-school, American tattooer Daniel "Danny Boy" Sawyer. Together they've created the new, stunning, Tattoo Wallpaper by Cookie Bros for NLXL LAB.  

100% real old-school tattoo flash artwork. 

Price quoted is per roll

Size: 10m x 487mm


- heavy-duty wallpaper with paper top-layer and non-woven backing

- colourfast and washable with a soft cloth

- no wallpapering table necessary, glue is applied to wall

Lead time 1-2 weeks.

Price is per roll.

Delivery is included in the price.