Swallow Clock


Haoshi Design is the iconic Taiwanese studio renowned for creating beautifully-made, unique and eye catching designs.  Our customers love their fun aesthetic. 

Part clock/part work of art, this exquisite clock really is a gorgeous piece of design.  We absolutely love having it in the shop, it never fails to draw admiration from everyone who comes in.  Delicately crafted swallows replace the numbers on a traditional clock.  The full clock of swallows take you through the full motion of the wings imparting a wonderful sense of movement to it.  

And don't worry, despite appearances, it's easy to put up!  It comes with a template that is placed over the central section and each swallow is numbered so you know exactly where to put it.  If we can do it, you definitely can!  

Diameter: 500mm or 550mm or 600mm